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AGOA Magnetic Mount

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Introducing the AGOA™ Quickdraw Mount, a game-changer for handgun accessibility and storage, whether in your car, at your desk, or home. Crafted with a unique magnetic design, this innovative tool offers unmatched safety and efficiency in affixing your flat top handgun.

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Key Benefits

  • Quick and Convenient: Our Quickdraw Mount is designed to easily attach to any semi-flat surface with the included hardware. The design allows you to push your mounted handgun against the front of the gun magnet to rack your slide, saving precious time in an emergency.
  • Preserves Sights: The mount's sight-friendly construction ensures that your gun's sights will not be damaged or scratched, keeping them in perfect condition.
  • Secure Hold: Equipped with a super-strong German origin magnet, this mount holds your handgun very securely even on bumpy terrains. It is compatible with nearly all handguns, pistols, and CCWs.
  • Wide Compatibility: This Quickdraw Mount fits almost all handguns with a flat top, including but not limited to Glock Series 17 19 26 43, S&W Bodyguard 380, M&P 40 Shield 9mm, .45 ACP, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Springfield XD Series DXM 911, Ruger ec9s, Ruger LCP SR40, HK VP9, Kahr P40, Sig SP2022, and many more.

  • Material: High-quality materials with a super-strong magnet
  • Quick and Convenient: Easy attachment to any semi-flat surface
  • Sight-friendly: Does not damage or scratch your gun's sights
  • Compatibility: Fits almost all handguns with a flat top
The package includes the AGOA™ Quickdraw Mount, 4 x 0.75-inch mounting screws, 4 x 1.2-inch mounting screws, and 4 x colloidal particles. Stay one step ahead of any threat with the AGOA™ Quickdraw Mount, offering unparalleled safety, precision, and quick access to your weapon.

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