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Cartridge Catcher Mesh Bag

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Introducing the Hunting Bullet Shell Bag, the ultimate accessory for any hunting or shooting enthusiast. This high-quality bag is designed to catch and store spent brass shells, making it easy to keep your shooting area clean and organized.

Made from durable and rugged materials, this bag is built to withstand even the toughest of conditions. The nylon mesh construction allows for breathability, ensuring that your spent shells can cool down before being collected. The bag also features a quick-release buckle system that allows you to easily attach it to your belt or backpack for easy access.

With its large capacity and lightweight design, this bag is perfect for hunters, shooters, and anyone who needs to collect spent brass quickly and efficiently. The black color of the bag ensures that it won't stand out and distract from your shooting experience.

Product Description:

🎯 Easy-to-mount brass catcher keeps empty cases off the ground and prevents hot brass from hitting anyone near you.
🎯 A thick wire frame holds the catcher opening in the correct shape over the ejection port, preventing it from interfering with the rifle’s cycling.
🎯 An incorporated hook and loop strap wraps around the forearm of any AR-15, keeping the catcher securely against the weapon.
🎯 The zippered bottom allows you to empty the bag without removing it from your rifle.
🎯 Easily holds 60 shell casings.


Material: Cloth
Color: Black

The Hunting Bullet Shell Bag is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to keep their shooting area clean and organized. Order yours today and take your shooting experience to the next level.

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