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AGOA Laser Light Combo Foregrip

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Having your gun equipped with a powerful laser, light, and grip will guarantee you are better prepared in low-light conditions. That is exactly what you need when in a self-defense situation.


SNIPER LIKE ACCURACY: One of the best advantages to this laser light combo is that you DO NOT need perfect alignment between your eye, the sight, and the target.
This AGOA Laser light Combo puts the target and the point of focus onto the same plane while the bright strobe light disorients an attacker. All this being accompanied with a sturdy grip, means FASTER and more ACCURATE target acquisition along with a confused and dazed target. Leading to faster bullet-on-target times!

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS:  Another advantage is better awareness while aiming when compared to free-aiming or iron sight aiming. Both eyes can remain open when using a laser. This means you have a WIDER, LESS OBSTRUCTING VIEW of EVERYTHING around you!

SELF-DEFENSE ADVANTAGES: Did you know? 80% of home invasions happen at night in complete darkness. You never know when this situation will occur. But what you can do is be prepared!

DOUBLE YOUR ACCURACY: After a few quick adjustments and within just a few shots your will notice sharper, faster aiming. You will hit targets faster, with more confidence, and with a noticeable gain inaccuracy!

BLIND ANY ATTACHER: The amazingly bright (600 Lumens) light is Powered by the most advanced CREE LED technology in the market which allows you to easily identify whoever is lurking in the shadows. With 2 flashlight modes giving you the option to have continuous bright light OR the strobe mode, which blinds and disorients any attacker, providing you with precious additional time to defend yourself.


IRON SIGHTS: This is your basic sight, and if you find yourself only using this one... you in for A LOT of training to even begin getting good with it. Provides no assistance to amateurs or for those shooting in the dark.

TELESCOPIC SIGHTS: Typical scope used for hunting, sniping or skill shooting. BUT these take a long time to aim correctly and are USELESS without any light!

REFLEX SIGHTS: Used for any short to mid-range targets and typically uses a wide view sight. This helps the shooter gain a relatively quick shot, however, most are ineffective at long range and will need a laser or light attachment for any shooting in the dark.


A remarkable value for one of the most in-demand AR accessories.  Lightweight, all-metal construction with non-slip anodized black finish and built-in CREE LED Flashlight/Strobe plus 650nm, 5mW red or green laser. Quick crossbar mounting system with wing nut allows speedy installation and removal of the grip with no tools needed. 

Did I mention it's water-resistant! Rated IPX4 Water Resistant, FL1 Standard for heavy outdoor rain. Insane, feature-packed bang for your buck at this unheard-of price. But only for a limited time!



  • Instantly improve your accuracy!
  • ​​​Fits any type of gun with a weaver rail or Picatinny rail!
  • ​​Highest legal Red OR Green laser beam sight!
  • Super bright disorienting 600 Lumen LED Bulb with a strobe effect!
  • Rated IPX4 Water Resistant, FL1 Standard for heavy outdoor rain
  • ​​Over 350-yard laser range!
  • ​​Super bright 600 Lumen LED Bulb with a strobe effect!
  • ​​Extreme working temperature 10°f-115°f
  • ​​Made with 100% lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum!


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