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AGOA 3-1 Laser Light Combo Foregrip

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Boost your preparedness for self-defense situations, particularly in low-light conditions, with the AGOA Laser Light Combo, your gun's indispensable partner, featuring a powerful laser, bright light, and sturdy grip.

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Limited Edition Blue laser comes with a built in battery that is rechargeable. The battery lasts with both the laser and flashlight on for approximately 1.5 hours. 

Key Benefits

  • Sniper-like Accuracy: This combo eliminates the need for perfect alignment between your eye, the sight, and the target. It brings the target and the point of focus onto the same plane, while the bright strobe light disorients potential attackers. Faster, more accurate target acquisition is guaranteed, leaving your adversary disoriented and dazed.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Unlike free-aiming or iron sight aiming, this laser allows you to keep both eyes open. Result? A wider, unobstructed view of everything around you, boosting your overall situational awareness.
  • Optimized for Self-Defense: Statistics show that 80% of home invasions occur in complete darkness. With this AGOA Laser Light Combo, you're always prepared, providing you with a significant advantage during nighttime emergencies.
  • Improved Accuracy: Witness noticeable enhancements in your aiming speed and accuracy after a few adjustments and shots, bolstering your confidence during use.
  • Powerful Illumination: The robust 600 Lumens light, powered by cutting-edge CREE LED technology, allows easy identification of potential threats lurking in the shadows. With two flashlight modes (continuous bright light and strobe mode), you can blind and disorient attackers, gaining precious additional time to defend yourself.


  • Material: 100% lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Light Source: Super bright 600 Lumen LED Bulb with a strobe effect
  • Laser Type: Highest legal Red OR Green laser beam sight
  • Mount: Fits any type of gun with a weaver rail or Picatinny rail
  • Weather Resistance: Rated IPX4 Water Resistant, FL1 Standard for heavy outdoor rain
  • Range: Over 350-yard laser range

The AGOA Laser Light Combo is the perfect gun attachment for all shooters. Its all-metal, lightweight construction comes with a non-slip anodized black finish and a built-in CREE LED Flashlight/Strobe plus a 650nm, 5mW red or green laser. It features a quick crossbar mounting system with a wing nut for tool-free installation and removal of the grip.

Invest in the AGOA Laser Light Combo today and experience an unprecedented level of accuracy, situational awareness, and confidence during your self-defense and shooting activities. Grab this feature-packed device at an unbeatable price, but only for a limited time!

Important: The limited edition blue version needs to be charged prior to being used. 


1. Does the AGOA Laser Light Combo come with batteries or are they built in?

The AGOA Laser Light Combo now has built in rechargeable batteries! Easily recharge using the usb C port at the bottom of the foregrip using the provided usb C cable. 

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